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All You Need To Know About POSH Training

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As reported sexual harassment incidents rise alarmingly, companies of all sizes have recognized the need for prevention of sexual harassment training (POSH). Organizations and employers should not ignore sexual harassment allegations. Such conduct constitutes a crime. The company should arrange POSH training by the POSH Training expert in Chennai to create a more equitable work environment and encourage closer relationships among employees. This will ensure that men and women have a great time at work. In this article, we will talk about POSH training.

Explain POSH training.

The POSH Act protects women from workplace sexual harassment. The 2013 POSH Act protects women and provides recourse for violations. Employers can educate employees and the public about workplace sexual harassment by hosting POSH workshops. The training will also clarify the steps for redress when an incident occurs, whether with a coworker or with oneself. In addition to fostering a safe workplace, the training shields the organization from legal action.

The Importance of POSH Training

Educating your staff on POSH and the consequences that top management will face in the event of a legal infraction on the job is critical. Equal training for men and women is necessary so everyone knows how to act professionally. This guarantees parity for the sexes.

It can be difficult for a woman to determine whether an act constitutes sexual harassment in certain situations.

Even when they mean well, coworkers may be unaware of the law when they offer assistance. Unreported cases may occur in these situations. It lays out the rationale behind the significance of POSH training by POSH Training experts in Chennai for safeguarding women’s rights and fostering an encouraging professional development and advancement setting.

What are the benefits of teaching POSH?

  • Educating workers

Everyone on staff needs to know about POSH training. Programs like this make workplaces safer for women by teaching them to spot sexual harassment and how to report it. Anyone can report incidents of sexual harassment when the training is given to all employees simultaneously. It ensures that everyone working there is safe. Workers learn the signs of sexual harassment, how to spot and report false complaints, and other prevention measures in POSH classes.

  • Training can boost employee productivity.

Responsibility follows from awareness. Cases of sexual harassment drop significantly as POSH awareness rises among employees. Workplaces that treat everyone equally regardless of gender promote productivity and respect. Workers are likelier to talk, collaborate, and engage when they feel safe. Happy workers tend to stay. Workers can get more done because of this.

  • Companies can fulfill legal obligations

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that this training aims to protect against, outlaw, and prevent. Having POSH awareness training on-site ensures that a company can avoid legal complications. Any potential legal pitfalls that could land the company or employer in hot water will not apply.

The public’s perception of the business might take a hit if it becomes the subject of a sexual harassment investigation. It might also cause emotional and financial hardship for the business. If you don’t provide posh and sexual harassment training when needed, your company’s credibility is at risk.

Conclusion Workplace sexual harassment has become the norm. Generally, harassment affects women more than men. Supervisors and employees work together to make the workplace safer with POSH training. After completing this training by the POSH Training expert in Chennai like Advocate Sumathi, staff and supervisors alike will be more likely to obey the law.

Advocate Sumathi is a certified posh trainer and external member of the internal complaints committee.