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Advocate Sumathi - I stand for your rights
Advocate Sumathi

"As a dedicated advocate for justice, a woman/lady lawyer in Chennai, I will stand with unwavering commitment to safeguarding your rights. I will ensure your voice is heard, and your liberties are protected. You can trust in my expertise, because I will give you the right advice, maintain professionalism, and tirelessly champion your case."

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Advocate Sumathi

Hello, I am Advocate Sumathi, a highly seasoned woman/lady lawyer in Chennai, with a passion for justice and a distinguished record in the legal field.

With an extensive educational background and substantial experience, I have established myself as a trusted advocate within the legal community.

I hold a Master’s degree in Commerce (M.Com), specialising in the intricate financial aspects of legal matters. Furthermore, I possess a Master’s degree in Psychology (M.Sc), which provides me with a deep understanding of human behaviour and emotions, allowing me to empathise with my clients on a profound level.

Additionally, I have a Master’s degree in Law (M.L.) specialising in Criminology, equipping me with comprehensive knowledge of criminal justice systems and a keen understanding of the complexities involved in legal cases.

With over 9 years of experience, handling over 173 cases for 85 clients, I have had the privilege of handling a diverse range of cases in various practice areas spanning Civil and Criminal Matters, Family Disputes, Intellectual Property, Company Law, International Legalities, and Certification Programmes in POSH Law.

I practice mainly at the Madras High Court and its subordinate courts.

My breadth of experience has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in each area of law, ensuring that my clients receive exceptional representation tailored to their unique needs.



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"Working with Advocate Sumathi on my civil case was an absolute game-changer for me. With her guidance, we achieved a favorable outcome that far exceeded my expectations."

"When I was facing a criminal charge, I turned to Advocate Sumathi for help, and it was my best decision. Her exceptional knowledge of criminal law led to a successful defence."

"I worked with Advocate Sumathi on a complex intellectual property dispute, and her expertise was truly outstanding. I highly recommend her for all intellectual property matters."

"When our family faced a dispute, Advocate Sumathi provided us with the correct guidance and support. Her compassion and knowledge of family law, got us a fair and very satisfactory resolution."

"Advocate Sumathi's deep understanding of corporate legalities, coupled with her practical approach, has helped us navigate contractual agreements, and compliance issues with ease."

"Advocate Sumathi has been instrumental in helping us navigate the intricate web of international legalities. Her deep knowledge of international law has enabled us to expand operations globally."